Secluded Notes

Secluded Notes is a program similar to Steganos LockNote but works under FreeBSD or Linux.


After compiling the application you will end with 1 executable (nearly 83 KB on FreeBSD 8-STABLE) which you can move wherever you want--the binary doesn't need installation.

Secluded Notes is a simple text editor that keeps its document as a part of its own executable. That part is called an "attachment", and the program encrypts/decrypts it on the fly with an AES 128-bit cipher.

As long as you close the application, it automatically updates itself for the next run.

There is no need to hide your copy of Secluded Notes from an enemy because without password he wouldn't be able to open Secluded Notes or decrypt the attachment.

You can even backup the attachment after extracting it from Secluded Notes executable.


Current version is 0.1.1 and can be obtained from here.

Screen Shots

The toplevel window.

Static linking

By default Secluded Notes compiles as usual application which uses shared libraries. This can be indigestible if one has a plan to move an executable between several machines. Unfortunately Secluded Notes cannot be linked statically due to obscure behaviour of GtkBuilder (this may be a completely wrong assumption and if you know how to fix this problem, please provide the answer to this stackoverflow question).

Usage of /proc

On FreeBSD you will need to mount the procfs filesystem.

License & Copyright

The software is distributed under the terms of the X11 license (non-copyleft, but compatible with GNU General Public License). See the file LICENSE in the tarball.

Copyright (c) 2009 Alexander Gromnitsky. All rights reserved.
$Id: 83 2009-12-31 00:16:00Z alex $
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